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The Most In-demand Jobs for Canadians in 2018

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Are you reconsidering your career choices this year? We’ve got some news for you! You don’t necessarily have to be a techie to find work this year, though you definitely would benefit from having computer skills.

Here, from HR firm Randstad, is a list of the 10 most in-demand jobs this year, from Number 1 (most in demand) to Number 10 (Least of the most in-demand):

  1. General Labourer – handy work, cleaning, loading, general manufacturing jobs, etc.
  2. Sales Reps – especially Business to Business sales
  3. Accountants – especially if you have a designation
  4. Engineering Project Managers – especially if you can relocate to where the building booms are taking place
  5. Business Analysts – especially if you have financial skills or technology skills, or, ideally, both
  6. Customer Service Reps – especially if you have CRM skills
  7. IT Project Managers – especially if you can also manage people and budgets
  8. Account Managers – especially if you know how to keep customers happy
  9. Software Engineers – can have your pick of jobs if you are good
  10. Forklift Operators – Employers will often provide training in exchange for commitment

(Thanks to Jessica Chin, Huffington Post)



Share Your Financial Truths with Your Partner

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For Valentine’s Day this year, Justin Thouin, CEO and Co-founder of offered up some really good advice to the growing numbers of people who don’t tell their partners about the state of their finances. Good or bad.

It’s NOT crass to talk money with your sweetie. It’s essential, especially if you start to make life plans with each other. Full disclosure, folks! Leads to secure and trusting relationships. Dishonesty about debt and spending ranks right up there with infidelity as ‘ways to lose your lover’.

Who better to help and encourage you to gain financial control than someone who shares your life goals? If you’re in trouble, or your partner is, talk about it soon and often, and make a correction plan your most urgent goal.

Click here to see Justin’s blog on the subject and the research on which it is based. Money Bomb

Glam Up That Sad Old Balcony!

Kathy McWilliam Gettin' Creative! February 16, 2018 Leave a reply

Just have to share this gem of an article from If you’ve ever wondered how the heck to make your pokey little balcony into a place you’d actually spend time, you should read this and be inspired. It’s full of gorgeous pics and great ideas and you don’t even need to have uber talent or mega-money to make it happen!

Click here and be amazed:  Your Future Balcony

Microflats for Millennials

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Did you or someone you know live in a communal rooming or apartment situation during your college days? If so, you are familiar with the set-up: individual rooms, with shared kitchen, bath and living areas. It had its benefits, like manageable costs and guaranteed companionship (even if you didn’t always love your roomies!).

Traditionally provided by rooming houses or private homeowners, enterprising investors and builders in London, England have recognized a market opportunity and are creating apartment developments around this communal concept. They have been dubbed ‘Microflats’, and are marketed as a way to provide reasonably-priced housing for millennials.  No more solitary Movie Nights!

Bonus? Could also work for seniors on fixed incomes!

Small Package, Big Punch

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Can you imagine yourself fitting your life into a 250sq. ft. space (including sleeping loft)? On wheels? The lovely little structure pictured above is called the Nest and it is the creation of Nest Tiny home Builders of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia. It is designed to satisfy the souls of those who strive to live a rational, simplified, but grace-filled life. And, according to their website, it was for sale for $37,900 in February of this year.

I have to admit a fascination for tiny homes – they first caught my attention while flicking through the real estate, renovation, flip, etc. offerings on cable TV. At first I saw tiny homes on wheels as appealing primarily to those with gypsy hearts – freedom-loving individualists who are not to be tied to concrete foundations and community suppers.

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