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The Newsworthy April 7, 2018

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Have You Done Your 2017  Canadian Taxes Yet? If Not, Here Are Some Things You Should Know.

Some things have been added; some things have been taken away. The feds want a zero bottom line impact, while trying to please now and future voters.  So what was their solution? Read below and then click the link to get more details.





  • More help for folks with fertility problems – you don’t need to prove a medical problem to qualify and you can go back as far as ten years to adjust your returns. It can take a long time to hatch a baby!
  • Nurse practitioners have been added to the list of professionals who can certify a disability.



  • The federal education and textbook deduction is gone.
  • You can claim the transit deduction up until June 30 of 2917. After that it disappears.
  • Arts and fitness programs for kids can no longer be deducted.


Given with one hand, taken away with the other

  • Even though the federal education and textbook deduction is gone, the tuition deduction remains, including for occupational skills programs taken at a post-secondary institution.
  • The caregiver deduction has been increased to $6,883 and rolled into one deduction from three, but your dependent, if 65 or older, must be infirm to qualify.


Click here for more and consult a taxation expert to see how these changes may affect you: HuffPost on Taxes


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Living with Less (and Loving It!)

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We are so consumed with consuming that we let the really good choices for our lives slip away – relegate them to the sphere of unreachable dreams, and console ourselves with a quick purchase-fix. There is so much out there to distract and tempt us to grab plastic and go shopping, with little thought to whether the choice is really going to make us happy in any kind of long-term way, or even any short-term way. It glitters, it’s sexy, it does something cute/interesting/outrageous (pick your adjective) and you can get it while it’s hot! Hot? What the heck is that and why on earth has it become important?



Stop! Just stop and take a breath. Who is all of this frantic buying for? To have something to post about (read boast about, and who needs to be known as a soul-less self-promoter, really?), ‘share’ with ‘friends’, be seen to have acquired? Real friends don’t care what gadgets you have, what drapes your body, what colour your toe-nail polish is. Real friends like your plain old face, the words (the thoughts) you share with them, the comfort and ease that your ‘being there’ brings to any room they are in.

Time to tone it down, rein it in and do a little soul-searching to find out what really matters and how you can achieve it.

If in the end you become consumed by the idea of shedding debt and achieving a goal that really matters to you, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that you have to shed consumerism first!

Need a little inspiration on how exactly to do that? Check out Amazon for this title:

The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store Hardcover – Jan 16 2018

Click here:  Cait’s Book   for a little blurb on the book and pricing.

The Most In-demand Jobs for Canadians in 2018

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Are you reconsidering your career choices this year? We’ve got some news for you! You don’t necessarily have to be a techie to find work this year, though you definitely would benefit from having computer skills.

Here, from HR firm Randstad, is a list of the 10 most in-demand jobs this year, from Number 1 (most in demand) to Number 10 (Least of the most in-demand):

  1. General Labourer – handy work, cleaning, loading, general manufacturing jobs, etc.
  2. Sales Reps – especially Business to Business sales
  3. Accountants – especially if you have a designation
  4. Engineering Project Managers – especially if you can relocate to where the building booms are taking place
  5. Business Analysts – especially if you have financial skills or technology skills, or, ideally, both
  6. Customer Service Reps – especially if you have CRM skills
  7. IT Project Managers – especially if you can also manage people and budgets
  8. Account Managers – especially if you know how to keep customers happy
  9. Software Engineers – can have your pick of jobs if you are good
  10. Forklift Operators – Employers will often provide training in exchange for commitment

(Thanks to Jessica Chin, Huffington Post)



Share Your Financial Truths with Your Partner

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For Valentine’s Day this year, Justin Thouin, CEO and Co-founder of offered up some really good advice to the growing numbers of people who don’t tell their partners about the state of their finances. Good or bad.

It’s NOT crass to talk money with your sweetie. It’s essential, especially if you start to make life plans with each other. Full disclosure, folks! Leads to secure and trusting relationships. Dishonesty about debt and spending ranks right up there with infidelity as ‘ways to lose your lover’.

Who better to help and encourage you to gain financial control than someone who shares your life goals? If you’re in trouble, or your partner is, talk about it soon and often, and make a correction plan your most urgent goal.

Click here to see Justin’s blog on the subject and the research on which it is based. Money Bomb