Living with Less (and Loving It!)

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We are so consumed with consuming that we let the really good choices for our lives slip away – relegate them to the sphere of unreachable dreams, and console ourselves with a quick purchase-fix. There is so much out there to distract and tempt us to grab plastic and go shopping, with little thought to whether the choice is really going to make us happy in any kind of long-term way, or even any short-term way. It glitters, it’s sexy, it does something cute/interesting/outrageous (pick your adjective) and you can get it while it’s hot! Hot? What the heck is that and why on earth has it become important?



Stop! Just stop and take a breath. Who is all of this frantic buying for? To have something to post about (read boast about, and who needs to be known as a soul-less self-promoter, really?), ‘share’ with ‘friends’, be seen to have acquired? Real friends don’t care what gadgets you have, what drapes your body, what colour your toe-nail polish is. Real friends like your plain old face, the words (the thoughts) you share with them, the comfort and ease that your ‘being there’ brings to any room they are in.

Time to tone it down, rein it in and do a little soul-searching to find out what really matters and how you can achieve it.

If in the end you become consumed by the idea of shedding debt and achieving a goal that really matters to you, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that you have to shed consumerism first!

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