Share Your Financial Truths with Your Partner

Kathy McWilliam Thought Starters February 16, 2018 Leave a reply

For Valentine’s Day this year, Justin Thouin, CEO and Co-founder of offered up some really good advice to the growing numbers of people who don’t tell their partners about the state of their finances. Good or bad.

It’s NOT crass to talk money with your sweetie. It’s essential, especially if you start to make life plans with each other. Full disclosure, folks! Leads to secure and trusting relationships. Dishonesty about debt and spending ranks right up there with infidelity as ‘ways to lose your lover’.

Who better to help and encourage you to gain financial control than someone who shares your life goals? If you’re in trouble, or your partner is, talk about it soon and often, and make a correction plan your most urgent goal.

Click here to see Justin’s blog on the subject and the research on which it is based. Money Bomb

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