Small Package, Big Punch

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Can you imagine yourself fitting your life into a 250sq. ft. space (including sleeping loft)? On wheels? The lovely little structure pictured above is called the Nest and it is the creation of Nest Tiny home Builders of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia. It is designed to satisfy the souls of those who strive to live a rational, simplified, but grace-filled life. And, according to their website, it was for sale for $37,900 in February of this year.

I have to admit a fascination for tiny homes – they first caught my attention while flicking through the real estate, renovation, flip, etc. offerings on cable TV. At first I saw tiny homes on wheels as appealing primarily to those with gypsy hearts – freedom-loving individualists who are not to be tied to concrete foundations and community suppers.

But the more often I tuned in, the more apparent it became that all sorts of people are drawn to the tiny home movement: environmentally-conscious folks who want to minimize their footprint, youngsters who want their own affordable homes and who may just choose to park those homes in their parents’ back yards, others who wish to downsize to the bare minimum in order to use their income to explore a larger world.

All of the tiny home builders I saw featured on cable TV were based in the United States and I was curious about the presence of similar builders in Canada, so I went on a little web search. Ridiculous Google told me there were 684,000 hits, but it was a pretty broad search and Google tends to repeat himself, so I zoned in on the first few pages and here are some Canadian companies specializing in tiny homes:

Leaf House of Whitehorse, Yukon

Nelson Tiny House of Nelson, BC

Tiny Homes Canada of Abbotsford, BC

Timber Wolf Industries of Muskoka, ON

Nest Tiny Home Builders, St. Margaret’s Bay, NS

Full Moon Tiny Shelters of Lunenburg, NS

If you have a tiny home business, have built one for yourself to live in, or have purchased or rented one, I’d love to hear your stories. What challenges did you have? How did you finance the build? What motivated you to join the movement? How satisfied are you with the experience?

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