Lease Options Solve Sellers’ Problems Too!

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There are several situations in which a straight-forward real estate purchase and sale transaction is not necessarily a seller’s best solution.

1. They may be responsible for managing and disposing of a property for an elderly relative who has moved into an extended care facility. 

With a lease option agreement in place, they can receive rental income for the term of the agreement, and sell the property to the tenant-buyer at the end of the agreement. The rental income can help pay for the extended care, with a lump sum at the end to use in the best interests of their loved one.

2. They may need to move to another locality,  and find another home, quickly – so quickly that covering the costs of the property they already have while they are trying to sell it will be financially disastrous for them.

With a lease option agreement in place, they can receive rental income to cover their existing mortgage, insurance and taxes during the term or the agreement. At the end, they will be able to sell the existing property at current market value.

3. They have become widowed, or they’ve had a relationship break-down, so that they are suddenly responsible for carrying the costs of their existing home by themselves. 

With a lease option agreement in place, they can down-size to a living situation they can afford on their own. Meanwhile, the monthly rental income will cover their costs, and they will be assured of a sale at the end of the agreement.

4. It’s a buyers’ market, and their house is not generating a lot of interest. They’re thinking seriously of taking it off the market, even though they really need to move on.

There is a market for houses like theirs, even in a buyers’ market, of people who don’t yet qualify for a traditional mortgage. With a lease option in place, they can move on and collect rent while the tenant-buyer lives in their home, repairs their credit and/or saves for their down-payment. By the end of the lease option agreement, the tenant-buyer qualifies for a mortgage and a normal closing takes place. Then, the sellers get their equity out.

How Else Can You Protect Your Gains?

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Lenders like Stability and Reliability – They Want to See the Whole Picture

In addition to a healthy credit rating, here are the other things lenders like to see:

  • that you can save money, so make sure that you have a savings account and squirrel money away regularly;
  • that you are stable in your employment, so don’t jump from job to job unless a fantastic job comes your way and if you passed it up, you’d be absolutely  miserable for the rest of your life;
  • that your living arrangement are stable, so make friends with your landlord and stay put!


What They DON’T Like to See:

  • Frequent changes of address;
  • Overdrafts;
  • NSFs;
  • Late Payment Charges


Fine-tuning your credit rep takes time, patience and determination – keep your eye on the prize!

Living with Less (and Loving It!)

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We are so consumed with consuming that we let the really good choices for our lives slip away – relegate them to the sphere of unreachable dreams, and console ourselves with a quick purchase-fix. There is so much out there to distract and tempt us to grab plastic and go shopping, with little thought to whether the choice is really going to make us happy in any kind of long-term way, or even any short-term way. It glitters, it’s sexy, it does something cute/interesting/outrageous (pick your adjective) and you can get it while it’s hot! Hot? What the heck is that and why on earth has it become important?



Stop! Just stop and take a breath. Who is all of this frantic buying for? To have something to post about (read boast about, and who needs to be known as a soul-less self-promoter, really?), ‘share’ with ‘friends’, be seen to have acquired? Real friends don’t care what gadgets you have, what drapes your body, what colour your toe-nail polish is. Real friends like your plain old face, the words (the thoughts) you share with them, the comfort and ease that your ‘being there’ brings to any room they are in.

Time to tone it down, rein it in and do a little soul-searching to find out what really matters and how you can achieve it.

If in the end you become consumed by the idea of shedding debt and achieving a goal that really matters to you, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that you have to shed consumerism first!

Need a little inspiration on how exactly to do that? Check out Amazon for this title:

The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store Hardcover – Jan 16 2018

Click here:  Cait’s Book   for a little blurb on the book and pricing.

Your soocasa Platform Tools – an Overview

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After you have signed up for membership at any level and have your unique log-in credentials, you will notice a new look when you log-in. Here’s what the home page looks like:



The website becomes your own work-horse of a platform, where you

  • ANALYSE your real estate deals
  • CREATE your savings and property goals
  • DRIVE your savings with purpose and accountability all the way to closing day

What If You Hate Math?

No need to feel intimidated – those math operations that produce your monthly savings amount?  They’re automatic when you fill in the forms correctly  You will have to do some research though, to find accurate and up-to-date information to put in the forms!

Where Are the Help Files?

There is a User Manual in the ‘Help Desk’ menu – you can access it before, during and/or after you decide to experiment with the platform tools. Everyone has their own preferred learning method!


Share Your Financial Truths with Your Partner

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For Valentine’s Day this year, Justin Thouin, CEO and Co-founder of offered up some really good advice to the growing numbers of people who don’t tell their partners about the state of their finances. Good or bad.

It’s NOT crass to talk money with your sweetie. It’s essential, especially if you start to make life plans with each other. Full disclosure, folks! Leads to secure and trusting relationships. Dishonesty about debt and spending ranks right up there with infidelity as ‘ways to lose your lover’.

Who better to help and encourage you to gain financial control than someone who shares your life goals? If you’re in trouble, or your partner is, talk about it soon and often, and make a correction plan your most urgent goal.

Click here to see Justin’s blog on the subject and the research on which it is based. Money Bomb