The Most In-demand Jobs for Canadians in 2018

Kathy McWilliam Thought Starters February 21, 2018 Leave a reply

Are you reconsidering your career choices this year? We’ve got some news for you! You don’t necessarily have to be a techie to find work this year, though you definitely would benefit from having computer skills.

Here, from HR firm Randstad, is a list of the 10 most in-demand jobs this year, from Number 1 (most in demand) to Number 10 (Least of the most in-demand):

  1. General Labourer – handy work, cleaning, loading, general manufacturing jobs, etc.
  2. Sales Reps – especially Business to Business sales
  3. Accountants – especially if you have a designation
  4. Engineering Project Managers – especially if you can relocate to where the building booms are taking place
  5. Business Analysts – especially if you have financial skills or technology skills, or, ideally, both
  6. Customer Service Reps – especially if you have CRM skills
  7. IT Project Managers – especially if you can also manage people and budgets
  8. Account Managers – especially if you know how to keep customers happy
  9. Software Engineers – can have your pick of jobs if you are good
  10. Forklift Operators – Employers will often provide training in exchange for commitment

(Thanks to Jessica Chin, Huffington Post)



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