Your soocasa Platform Tools – an Overview

Kathy McWilliam Housing Options, Tenant Buyers March 19, 2018 Leave a reply


After you have signed up for membership at any level and have your unique log-in credentials, you will notice a new look when you log-in. Here’s what the home page looks like:



The website becomes your own work-horse of a platform, where you

  • ANALYSE your real estate deals
  • CREATE your savings and property goals
  • DRIVE your savings with purpose and accountability all the way to closing day

What If You Hate Math?

No need to feel intimidated – those math operations that produce your monthly savings amount?  They’re automatic when you fill in the forms correctly  You will have to do some research though, to find accurate and up-to-date information to put in the forms!

Where Are the Help Files?

There is a User Manual in the ‘Help Desk’ menu – you can access it before, during and/or after you decide to experiment with the platform tools. Everyone has their own preferred learning method!


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